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The success of Milada Moore


The history of Milada Moore is full of success. She was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. At the age of 14, she moved to Kyiv due to the Russian occupation. She studied architecture for two years but felt depressed. Milada Moore realized that she was heading in the wrong direction. It was there that she started earning on Only Fans.
A famous model saw her photos on Instagram and it helped her a lot in her new business.
Quickly, at the age of 18, Milada Moore bought an apartment and a car. She made her first half million dollars at just 20 years old. With her new business, she was able to help her family. First with her father's illness and then with her mother's work.

Malida Moore said she had a lot of discrimination about her body when she was in school. “A boy tried to grab my chest in 10th grade and I hit her really hard. I had no friends, but when I grew up they were able to find them, they were able to support me and now they are doing the same to me”, said Milada Moore.

Milada Moore said that she only listens to her heart because you can do more than you think.

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